Course Feedback

I opened The Blogger Course for the first time last year and had such fantastic feedback from the 50 bloggers who took part. I was overwhelmed when they filled out the feedback form and submitted their thoughts.

One blogger told me she quit her job and started blogging full time thanks to the course, many others told me they’ve upped their rates considerably and feel much more confident about charging their clients more.

Most importantly, 100% of people who took the course would recommend it to other bloggers!

Here’s just some of the feedback I had…

I’m so glad I could take part in The Blogger Course! I loved getting my new lessons every week and learning something new with each Chapter. I especially appreciated all the ‘titbits’ you added in from your own experience – it added a personal element to the course that you don’t get from the big-name courses. For example, I’m also a member of Travel Blog Success, which I signed up for around a year ago. Your course has taught me more, and given me more motivation to get going than that much more expensive and impersonal programme did. I know I wouldn’t have my blog ‘live’ right now if I hadn’t signed up for The Blogger Course – and that alone has been invaluable! Thank you so much again for putting on this course, and for being available in the Facebook group to answer our questions and queries.


I really enjoyed the course, thank you for putting it together. I feel I can approach brands with more confidence now.


It actually feels like a year’s worth of work condensed into 12 weeks!


Thank you very much for sharing so much about your behind the scenes tips and ways of working, it was very enlightening. I particularly liked your chapters about monetisation, working with brands and press trips. It made me realise that you need to have a true “sales” mindset (in a good way) to succeed.


Your presence and tips in the Facebook group was a definitive bonus. Thank you very much for being so generous with your time and expertise.


Have secured my first paid trip and two more potential ones for next year. I already knew I should charge, but this course gave me the confidence to go ahead and ask clients to pay.


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